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Our services.

Custom Integrated Solutions

Let us provide you with a solution to your integration problems and needs. We find a way to make your systems work together efficiently to save time and money.

System Specific Design Engineering

AQS will be glad to provide you with an up to date state of technology and how you can use it to gain ROI from investment into your system. Then we will put the design together to work as a true integration partner.

Integration & Installation Resolution

We want to make sure customers get what they paid for. If your proposed installation isn’t going as promised, your installed system underdelivers or service quality isn’t where you expect, contact us and our consulting team will make sure it gets done.

True Integration Parts & Smarts

We want to provide you with the high level technical solution, but at a amazing price. By leveraging technology to reduce costs, we can pass the savings to you and still provide a boundry pushing outside the box solution.

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