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With today's fast paced and ever evolving security threats, you have to match the threats with expedited customer resolutions and no room for error.


Our customers deserve to receive everything that they budget and/or pay for. In installation, service, design and engineering, if you don't maintain high quality standards, at some point there will be failure.


AQS prides itself on being problem solvers. We strive to be our customer's first and last call to solve whatever and whenever an industry related problem occurs at their sites.

Who we are.

AQS isn't just a new version of the same product that has been released and re-released time and time again. We are dedicated to doing things better, more effectively and in a way that makes sense. If something isn't right we will continue to be dynamic enough to fix it or change.




Design Architect


Director of A/V



We arent just talking about what we work to design for our customers, we are talking about how AQS was designed itself. AQS was put together by a conglomeration of the best pieces we found in other companies that succeed at what they set out to accomplish. Not just successful companies, but ones that succeed while going above and beyond in way or another like; Staying sustainable and growing, being the foremost leaders in customer service worldwide, being the huge name in product design, etc. Don't just dare to succeed, dare to achieve greatness in what you do!


Strategy is simple as long as you know what it is you want to accomplish. Our main focus is and always will be this. "To provide our customers with an absolutely exceptional experience and service, no matter what we do, start to finish, that is second to none. We will do this while balancing our AQS colleagues professional development along with their whole families well-being."

If you truly keep the best interest of your customers and your peers around you to an absolute level of care and concern, you will have nothing to fret. This is our mantra, our strategy and just how we do business; with care, with concern and with cuality(quality)

I guess we can't call it our "three C's of strategy" though....


Technology is a constantly evolving necessity in all aspects of society. We believe that there is always a faster, better or smarter way to perform a task that exists today. With this mindset we stay open minded to new products that come out and cautiously optimistic that the next great thing for our industry is right around the corner. Yet the caution we have in this optimism is what forces us to thoroughly vet a product before we introduce it to a customer. We will always stat accepting and open to this constant change of technology and use it as a tool, cost cutting asset or force multiplier.


Somewhere out there in the world, there is someone who has a better idea or better process that will perform better than what you have in place. It is with this in mind that we have true open communications throughout the organization. Everyone has a different perspective on the world and it's only through these different perspectives that the hardest problems are solved. With this in mind we are open to suggestions, ideas, thoughts and any other avenues that could lead to great new ways in revolutionizing our industry. The worst ideas aren't those that go unsaid, (even though we don't want to hear about those either) it's the ideas that fall on deaf ears that are the worst, because they have been articulated in one form or another out to the world, but then simply forgotten before they can change the world.

Our craft and our focus

1Quality will always be our number one focus. A quality installation that not only works, but lasts, is architecturally pleasing on the eyes and comes well documented with optional training, is how we believe we will not only retain customers, but add new ones as well. Yes we a for profit firm, but we believe if everyone performs their duties correctly, it doesn't have to be the focus of your company. We don't have investors, so we are 100% solution oriented.

2 Innovative solutions to difficult problems is not just a mantra to us, its what we enjoy. When other firms may shy away from a difficult challenge that a customer may have, we take it head on. We balance options from every side and offer real solutions with a competitive price provided with each work around. If the solution isn't with us we will work with you to find the right company to provide it for you and work with you and the specialized firm to resolve the problem.

3 Relationships, honesty and loyalty with AQS partners no matter if they are customers, vendors, manufacturers, distributors or any other group or individual is how we do business. If any of the above start a business relationship with AQS and keeps the same level business ethics with us, we will continue with this relationship with them if we are a three people or three thousand. We believe in true partnerships

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